Students must submit the service plan form to Ms. Campbell before beginning any community service hours.
For related questions please email [email protected]


What is the difference between Community and Volunteer Service...

Community Service - identifying a social issue in the community

  • Example: Education(classroom assistance) - tutoring a student, reading to students, etc...

Volunteer Service - helping out where needed

  • Example: Education (classroom assistance) - making packets/folders for teacher, laminating, filing, assisting teacher in moving to another room, etc...

Steps to earning Community Service hours:

  1. Complete the C.S. Plan and have it APPROVED before any hours are worked (one C.S. Plan for each agency/organization, provide supervisor's name and phone number)
  2. Begin working
  3. Log hours (each day on a separate line, have supervisor sign)
  4. Turn in log sheets by April 15th of each year (DO NOT hold until your senior year)

Not Approved!!!

  • Some church related work (see church guidelines)
  • Hours worked during school hours, club meetings, games, or practices
  • Job Shadowing
  • Saturday work detail/detention
  • Babysitting/Dogsitting
  • Hours signed by a family member
  • When earning a credit
  • Hours you are paid or compensated

Want to do community service at your church?

Volunteer Activities you can NOT earn Community Service hours for (Basically, anything that benefits the church at the church is NO):

  • NO - Alter boy
  • NO - Church greeter
  • NO -  Sound person
  • NO - Praise team/Choir/Orchestra
  • NO - Plays or Productions - performing in or setting up
  • NO - Teacher/teacher helper/nursery worker for Sunday School/Bible Study/church services
  • NO - Cleaning or maintenance of the church grounds
  • NO - Witnessing door to door/phone/carnival booths
  • NO - Vacation bible school/Summer camps

Community Service Activities you can earn Community Service hours for (Basically, anything that benefits the community outside of the church is YES):

  • YES - Neighborhood clean-ups
  • YES - Food banks
  • YES - Disaster relief
  • YES - Toy drives
  • YES - Homeless assistance
  • YES - Nursing home visits
  • YES - Building/repairing homes for the elderly/needy
  • YES - After-school tutoring/child care
  • YES - Mission trips (maximum 8 hours per day)

Other Approved Community Service Opportunities:

American Red Cross
Goodwill/Salvation Army
Special Olympics
Humane Society
Meals on Wheels
Volunteer Polk
Any Not-For-Profit Organization

American Cancer/Diabetes/Heart/Lung Assoc.
Big Brother/Big Sister
Nursing Homes
Habitat for Humanity
Race for Cure
March of Dimes

Service Opportunities